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What the electorate is thinking

Incredibly, I'm still not sick to death of the U.S. Presidential campaign. I'm reading a New Republic article that about Mitt Romney's supposed lack of likeability. It mentions all the google hits that happen when one types in "Mitt Romney is a phoney." As a quick experiment, I typed "Mitt Romney is..." into the bing search box and came up with these top suggestions:

Mitt Romney is a unicorn
Mitt Romney is an idiot
Mitt Romney is a liar
Mitt Romney is an asshole
Mitt Romney is a tool
Mitt Romney is mexican
Mitt Romney is the anti-christ

For balance's sake, Obama's top suggestions are:

Barack Obama is your new bicycle
Barack Obama is osama bin laden
Barack Obama is gay
Barack Obama is the anti-christ
Barack Obama is an idiot
Barack Obama is a democrat
Barack Obama is a fraud

So now we know. Romney is a unicorn and Obama is your new bicycle. Consider yourself informed. *shakes head*


You Really Have No Idea

Extremely amusing article on Jezebel about fanfiction; specifically -- and I quote -- the wonderfully weird world of filthy Olympic swimming fanfiction.

Oh come on... you know you want it!


What's your battle cry?

from eloriekam

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Skulking on the candy store, clutching two hardened pitas, cometh Laurenba! And she gives a booming bellow:

"For the love of carnage and discord, I bring darkness and mayhem until my loins find satisfaction!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

Oh. My. God. This is just... perfect.

Stolen from all kinds of people.

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day). Then you write down 3 events, 3 births, 3 deaths, 3 holidays, and tag 3 friends.




missing my mom...

and my dad too.


Aaron at the Other Place... update

I don't drop by Aaron's discussion group at the Other Place very often anymore, but every once in a while I see something that makes me go "Ahhhhh...."

This is one of those sightings:

Someone Questions...

" When I look at the credits for your shows I sometimes see 'written
by...' and other times I see 'teleplay by...', 'story by...'. What's the
difference in these descriptions?"

Aaron Answers...


That question gets asked a lot. Writing credits on a tv show (or a movie
for that matter) are the domain of the Writers Guild and their credit
board. The show submits "Suggested Writing Credits" and the WGA invites
others to challenge them.

It's likely that on other shows, staff writers are breaking stories and
outlining them, then passing the outlines up to more senior writers who
are writing the scripts but that's not how it worked on SN, TWW or S-60.

I came up as a playwright and so for me , writing is something you do in
a room by yourself with the door closed. But because of the ferocious
schedule of series television, I need people working on the other side
of the door too--research, opinions, ideas (ME: I need a reason why C.J.
can't do the press briefing; DEE DEE MEYERS: I once had to miss a
briefing because of an emergency root canal.

As valuable as the writing staffs have been, their contributions don't
meet the very antiquated definitions the WGA has for screen credit. So
on a rotating basis I make sure that everyone on the writing staff gets
at least two "Story By" credits during the season (which also come with
a bonus check) and to add a measure of fairness I take myself out of the
process entirely--putting a co-executive producer in charge of writing
credits. Additionally, anytime a producer's name appears as a writer (in
my case that's every time), there's an automatic independent credit
investigation that's triggered in order to protect more junior writers
from their bosses.

I know that was all pretty clumsy but I hope it answered your question.


I have actually asked this question to myself in my head a hundred times.  So thank you, Kathy (and Aaron) for actually giving me some insight.


So most of you know that I've been taking a writing class this year. It's been great fun and I think that I've even learned alot; what more can you ask for, right? It has, however, had a sadly chilling effect on my LJ posts (which were never prodigious to start with, really.) There's only so much writing I can do, after all. *But* our topic at last week's class was right up my LJ, ww-fangirl, fanfic-reading alley. And that was: How to write about taboo subjects (aka how to write sex scenes.) Seriously. There was a wide-ranging discussion and the basic theme was this: to write a good sex scene that is actually true to your story and not just there to make the reader vaguely hot and bothered, the writer must look for the characters in the act. So it's not just tab A and slot B (yes, my writing instructor actually said that) but finding the motivation for the act. Where is the conflict in the two people's motivations? Where is the story?

Well, yeah.

Anyway, of course I couldn't help thinking of my favorite nc-17 ww writers and what good would it do if I just kept that information to myself? So, here are my personal faves. Tell me what you think... agree? disagree? don't care about the story so much but just want to pimp a hot tab a and slot b scene? Yeah, go right ahead!

Who does it best...Collapse )

Honey? I'm home!

Courtesy of Jezebel, which is a website that sometimes I am completely left cold by and other times can't stop loving to death, comes this:

This photo just makes me so happy.

I love it.


Look how young she is!

and then listen to the words coming out of her mouth. Wow. This is Bill and Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes, right before the 1992 presidential primaries. Once you get over how Hillary looks like a grown woman in mourning for her lost sorority girl, listen to her talk about character. And then a few years later, Monica Lewinsky had to come along...

oh well.


This just gets better and better...

...and everyone on my flist knows that working with those two would definitely get me into work every day!

also, see the third frame where the husband is giving the wife "a look"?  yeah, I know that look.  I've been given that look... and also over a very similar topic...

Lauren's-real-name...it's after midnight; when are you coming to bed?  What are you watching?  Oh... 
then we have "the look " 

*innocent face*